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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Author Thursdays: Secret Order of the Overworld

I'm amassing my collection of locally authored, signed editions of various novels. I am now working through reading them and have been pleasantly surprised thus far by what I've read. The first book I read was a fantasy novel by Kennedy J. Quinn. You can purchase the novel here: Buy it Now.

This book brings to mind an idea of spirituality that you would not come across in the midst of a typical religious philosophy. There is oneness and a sense of peace that must be attained during the outbreak of a power struggle between two forces. The author drives this overarching plot with clear motivations and a realistic sense of morality among the main characters. As you read, you become engrossed in the organic flow of time and the eloquently revealed back-story. The politics of this world, of the Overworld and of the Underneath are integrated into the action so that you understand entirely what is going on, how it came to pass, and why it continues to speed down a seemingly predestined path. I did not have to take a breather from the meat of the story in order to understand how each character fit into the power struggle. The only part that broke my concentration was the free usage of proper nouns in the building of a fantastical world.

But what is it really about? From the Lulu description:

"Gabrell and his beloved Majeska are pulled into a power struggle between a Sisterhood using Visionary prowess to punish Overling men's corruption in the secret realm Underneath, and the desire to follow the Catalyst to the peace prophesied by the Predecessors for the Overworld. This edition includes Book One, UNDERNEATH and Book Two, OVERCAME."

To get more tantalizing bits from the author, check out her blog at

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