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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seattle Specific Saturdays: To Market To Market....

To Buy a Fat Pig

There aren't actual pigs at the Maple Valley Market but you can find me there! I set up again for the Maple Valley Writers and hope to recruit more locals who either will in the future want to or currently write. Hope you had a chance to stop by my booth if you were in the area. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Foodie Fridays: Herbs to Own

The basil plant takes sun and continuous water to grow and prosper. It yields plenty of leaves for use. It can be used in salads, a stir-fry, sandwiches, and more.

Author Thursdays: Writers

What it Takes to Be a Writer:

there is a famous psychological study wherein a child is placed in a blank room and sat in front of a table. On top of the table is a plate containing one large marshmallow. The child is instructed that if he waits he can have two marshmallows but if he eats this one, he doesn’t get another. This is the test of a novel writer. You might get to lick the marshmallow and taste the sweetness on your tongue but you can’t eat the marshmallow.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Author Thursdays: Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?

If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Maple Valley you should hike over to the Creative Arts Center and check out a local author's local play, Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding.

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council’s Creative Arts Center, 23220 MV Hwy. SE, Suite 15, Maple Valley, will host the premier of local playwright, Ed Corrigan’s new drama, Guess Who’s Coming to the Wedding, on August 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24 at 7:30 p.m. Note: August 15, opening night is the Preview night with suggested donations at the door. Director: Rich Wiltshire. Tickets may be purchased at the door or online.

Event Rules:Adults - $12.00
Seniors/Students - $6.00
Performances are 2 hours long with one intermission
For audience members middle school age and above (PG)

See what the local folk are doing and catch a night of entertainment at the same time! On both Saturdays EJ's Catering will have light dessert and drinks available.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wildlife Wednesdays: It's the Poop Slug!

When I saw this slug right outside my parent's house I thought the dog had somehow escaped to do its business in the front of the house but upon further inspection I saw that it was indeed a slug!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toiling Tuesdays: Harassment Seminar and other important things

Today at my "corporate" job I had to take a non-harassment seminar. I remember in school when they showed those videos in the vein of "what not to do" such as not bullying or doing drugs. This seminar, and in particular, its video on common situations and responses reminded me of those early-age school videos. What I remember most prominently is the lack of similarity to real life situations but more so the lack of real responses. Someone smacks you on the a** and what do you do? Not what the employees in the video today did. How come these seminars don't utilize contemporary videos with more realistic dialogue and reactions? It's like taking a driving test in a course that has no real cars, you won't truly learn until you go out on the real road. Just like the appropriate responses and actions in the movie are not relevant because they are contained in a dry and unlikely atmosphere. Why are all these videos from the 80's anyways? Perhaps I should make string of contemporary videos that are updated every year to stay relevant so that they are realistic. I think it could be a huge moneymaker! Employers would subscribe to my business and I would send them new materials often because times change and so do situations and people, so should the materials you present in a non-harassment seminar.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Socializing Sundays: Nice things that guys do that women secretly hate

The MSN homepage is fraught with pop-media. I don't suggest reading their elementary articles full of simple facts and guessable endings but sometimes I just want to see what they say.... So I clicked on one that said, nice things guys do that women secretly hate. I disagree largely because the author of the article (more like pictures with captions) states these in a general truthfulness in that they are relatable to every relationship. Just like the author's assumption that women secretly don't like these "nice" things guys do he/she makes the same assumption of the audience agreeing with him/her. The nice things women secretly don't like are as follows:

1. Calling us creepy nicknames

        For example: doll. As the article only gives one example of what "creepy" is I have trouble agreeing or disagreeing. Creepy is a fairly strong adjective and I wouldn't want to be called anything creepy but if the word "doll" is considered creepy then I'm not sure I agree with this one. If it's a blind date then it might be creepy but it could also be an acceptable form of endearment. Context is needed here.

2. Ordering for us in a restaurant

     Again, this one depends on the length and depth of relationship. Sometimes I like for him to order for me, especially in a restaurant say in a country he is familiar with and I am not. Or if we decide what we want and he "orders" for me when the waiter comes so then there isn't an awkward pause of who goes first.

3. PDA on social media

      I would re-coin this to "excessive" PDA or unwanted PDA on social media. Just PDA once in a while is cute.

4. Assuming we like roses

     I like random thoughtful gifts but I agree wholeheartedly I don't want all guys assuming I like roses. As I've mentioned previously, a bouquet of tomatoes or something edible (or not tainted by any hint of someone in a sweatshop poring over the flowers) is always preferable for me.

5. Getting a tattoo of our name or face anywhere on their body

    Never appropriate. Unless, agreed upon by both parties but I would still frown on it.  

6. Hopping in the shower with us (uninvited)

    Also depends on your level of relationship. If you hop in uninvited and lather up my hair or massage my shoulders I would always welcome the company.

7. Thinking sexy lingerie is a gift for us
        I have never received sexy lingerie as a gift and if someone could get my size right I would love to receive sexy lingerie as a gift! Have at it boys!

8. Dedicating a song for us at a karaoke bar

      Depending on how sappy you get and what song you're singing, this doesn't strike me as inappropriate or as something a woman would secretly despise.

9. Ordering one shake with two straws

      I love to share! Nowadays nobody really needs that super sized shake all to themselves, it's huge and like 1000 calories! I think this is cute and romantic to share.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Foodie Fridays: Buffalo Chili

I don't know if you can tell from the photo but that is genuine buffalo in that there chili. But buffalo is expensive unless it's your own supply! Let me stop you right there. If you cook in a certain way, many foods are not out of your financial reach. Yes the buffalo was $9/lb but I only used one pound and all in all my chili yield was approximately 7 servings. I cut the chili with vegetables. But Rachel, vegetables are expensive! Only if you buy pre-prepared ones or out of season ones (artichokes anyone?). This chili involves zuchini, green peppers, yellow peppers, and onions. None of these are expensive. Colored peppers can run you at $1.25 each but if you pick a big one it is worth it for the taste and color. Green peppers can be as low as 3/$1 generally. Onions are cheap, as are zuchini. The most expensive part of this meal was probably the chili, as I bought the herb from my local market. Add brown rice and voile: a cost effective, delicious, and healthy meal! And it has buffalo, one of the leanest meats out there.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toiling Tuesdays: Sexual Harassment

There are certain things where you do not deserve a second chance. One of those is rape. In light of recent events at Microsoft where an employee allegedly raped a female custodian, I am of the opinion that Microsoft was justified in firing him. According to the news report, the custodian informed her supervisor following the incident and he/she "ignored her report and failed to contact police." I feel that this supervisor should also have been immediately fired. I am appalled that nobody seems to take note of his/her failure to act, especially in a role of power, as a supervisor. It is his/her duty, especially in these situations to take proper action. I feel it is especially important in cases involving rape to respond appropriately and any failure to act or take preventative measures should result in heavy repercussions. The supervisor is admitting with his/her actions that what happened is okay or not worthy of note. I believe that this is part of the reason why rape occurs in the workplace. It goes unpunished. If there aren't consequences, only partial consequences, or higher likeliness for the event to be ignored, wouldn't someone who is prone to rape be more likely to rape? Bad Microsoft I say! Take responsibility for ALL your employees and not just when the media informs your public of what goes on behind closed doors.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Miscellaneous Mondays:

Doctors should be open on Saturday (or sunday). They discount the large percentage of the population that works 9-5/8-5 hours during the week and cannot make it in or even make time to call the doctor and be put on the requisite 10-20 minute hold. Not only can the average working Joe not go to the doc without taking time off of work. They can't go to many dentists, eye doctors, the post office, or the bank without taking time off or sneaking into the last 30 minutes of the business day.

Idea: A business that is open on the weekend!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Author Thursdays: My Writing Guru

There are books you love and authors you adore. There are stories that settle into your mind like dust that is never swept away. There are sayings that pass and words that glitter but I recently found my writing guru. Perhaps I found a wonderful writer before but was not able to recognize the finesse in the writing. I've read greats and smalls alike but this new author is unlike any that I have read. I would actually pay for her books, that's how good her writing is (and I don't hold with owning books, I prefer to rent them from the library, unless I'm supporting a local author). Her writing is full of descriptions I do not even have the experience to write and yet I can instantly visualize what she is describing. When I notice her writing techniques I see a lack of sloppy adverbs, until I am sucked back into the story of course. Her subject matter is a little hard for me to grasp, poverty in this day and age and a smart gal stuck in her life. Is she a good mother or isn't she? Is she really poor when she has a cell phone, clothes, and food? What is poverty anymore for that matter?

Look her up, read her books & enjoy

Barbara Kingsolver