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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Author Thursdays: AWP - an Effort in Futility, Confusion, Overeager Expectations, and the Occasional Schmooze

As you dear readers know, I was at the AWP conference last Thursday and Saturday. Here is the short assessment: Don't pay when you don't have to. AWP, this year, was able to offer free admission to the bookfair. I'm not sure they advertised the fact that at the book fair were three stages and there were at least 3-5 lectures at each stage on Saturday. This means that they were FREE. The only portions of AWP that required the pass (and the money to purchase the pass), were most of the other panels/discussions/readings, Thursday and Friday, and the receptions/parties at night. 

I only attended 2/3 days, didn't go to any of the receptions/parties, and didn't think much of the panels.  

There was also a free networking with visiting authors event hosted outside of AWP by several groups at the Sorrento Hotel on Thursday, which I did attend.

Just going to Seattle was a treat in and of itself and Saturday was no exception. Traffic was easier. Parking was easier. Pike Place Market was open. Next time AWP rolls around, I suggest saving the $200 and just spending the day in Seattle and checking out the book fair.

Pictured above are two pieces of excellent writing advice written by AWP event goers, hosted at a Writing Advice booth at the book fair. These two were my favorites.

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